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Thank you for visiting our website, we have included a great deal of membership information below.

Much has had to change this year and though craft may launch, we must observe Covid measures and restrictions, which means that our clubhouse is temporarily closed. Please bare this in mind when reading on.  

If you have further questions or would like to learn more, former commodore Alan Taylor 07808 127466, is usually available and happy to be contacted throughout the day and early evening to chat, answer questions and provide advice.  

The application process is simple and our fees and subscription rates are shown at the very foot of this page. 

Paul Collins


Why Join Our Club?

If you pursue marine based water-sport in the North West, membership with us would add greatly to your days afloat. Our beach-front facilities afford members convenience, an unhurried environment in which to prepare and all facilities for comfort upon return to shore. We are not open to the public and we do not offer day launches, but we do offer a choice of  annual membership packages for very little money indeed when compared to day or seasonal charges made by commercially run facilities and local authorities. 

If you are a kiter, kayaker or SIB owner you can choose to operate out of the back of a vehicle, but you may face parking difficulties and or charges and have doubts over the security of your vehicle and its contents when out of sight. There’s also the cleaning down of your kit and showering off afterwards to consider…. Membership of the BLCC includes secure beach front parking and full facilities. 

If you own a trailed craft the key to a great day afloat is an uneventful tow and successful launch and recovery…. There are free slipways, but many are local authority or privately controlled and that can mean access and or parking restrictions and charges. If the slip is tidal you may also need a foreshore permit to legally access the beach with your vehicle (beware of invalidating your insurance) and if you have not got a four wheel drive, you may require a tractor to launch and retrieve. There is also the question of where to safely and legally park your vehicle and trailer whilst out on the water. Membership of the BLCC provides solutions to all these potential difficulties and from a safety perspective, it makes sense to be afloat in the company of other craft whenever possible.

If you are a diver looking for an active club or you are thinking of learning to dive then look no further. Our associates, the West Lanc’s Sub Aqua Club are a registered British Sub Aqua Club. They are not to be confused with a for profit training provider and as a diver, membership is not conditional upon signing up for further costly training. The club has five qualified BSAC instructor members and internationally recognised BSAC training and progression is available. Crucially if you join as trainee, the club’s commitment to you as a new diver does not end when the training course has been delivered! 

Unless joining as a dive associate, in your first season with us there is a single, one-off entrance fee of £75, irrespective of applying for single, joint or reduced rate membership, plus the appropriate subscription as shown below. A personal set of keys adds £8.00 and if you are a trailed craft owner a pair of craft identification numbers will cost a further £5.00.

In subsequent years membership renewal is based on the annual subscription alone. That’s it, THERE ARE NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES, but a host of benefits and a full year’s unrestricted access to club facilities.

Facilities and Benefits

Members enjoy the following facilities and benefits;

  • A choice of low-cost membership packages.
  • Access to the club’s facilities  365 days a year.
  • Two secure day parking compounds for vehicles, trailers and craft.
  • The slipway onto a sandy beach, popular with families right outside the clubhouse.
  • Tractors to self-launch and recover craft.
  • An outside water tap, tubs and jet-wash to wash down craft, kit and trailers and flush engines.
  • Male and female changing rooms with hot showers.
  • A relaxing lounge area.
  • A private members bar.
  • A fully equipped kitchen.
  • Superfast fibre WiFi 
  • BBQ facilities (on the balcony).
  • Waterborne and clubhouse based social events.
  • Guest introductions.
  • Like minded members and the opportunity to make new friends.
  • A hard working and helpful committee.
  • On a sunny day a view from the balcony to die for!

How do I apply to become a member?

Election to our membership takes a couple of weeks, but the process can be expedited if you are serious in your wish to join us.

  1. Start the process, contact us for a chat, by phone is fine initially.
  2. We will issue an application form to your email address.
  3. Complete and return electronically or by post.
  4. We will post your details on this web-page.
  5.  Arrange to come down to meet us. 
  6. Present your driving license as proof of identity and address.
  7. Make payment in cash, by cheque or bank transfer.
  8. We will issue keys, your `Welcome Pack’, craft numbers if appropriate and if you require use of the tractors, we will arrange one-to-one tractor familiarisation and ensure that you are comfortable launching and retrieving your craft.

Applications Currently Posted

Kitesurfer, Stephen Swift



Power boat, Steve Tyminski



Power boat, Antoni Cerowski



Power boat, Jason Scott


L38 9EF

Angler, Norman Lowe



Jet ski, Ross & Kate Brown, cadets William and Cora


OL15 9LG

Jet ski, Joe Williams & Hannah Walkden, cadets Freddie and Ted


PR6 77W

Jet ski, Matthew Bracegirdle, cadets Harrison and Christian



Jet ski, Neil Robey


SK13 2DX

Jet ski, Darren & Zena Cowan



Jet ski, Kieran Shearer



Jet ski, Daniel Walcott & Jade McCormick, cadets Danika and Dantaya



Jet ski, Nathan Parker-Lisberg, cadet Lucas


B17 0BY

Jet ski, Colin & Jackie Murphy, cadets Evie and Leo


OL13 9TB

Jet ski, Phillip Heys



Jet ski, Morgan Moriarty & Daniel Edgar, cadets Ava and Albert


M35 0LS

Entrance Fee and Annual Subscription Rates for the 2020/21 season ending 31 March 2021.

Entrance Fee


A single one-off charge in the first season

Single Subscription


As the title suggests, an individual adult membership

Joint Family Subscription


Spouses, partners and their children aged under 18 years

Reduced Rate Subscription


Social or crew on invitation of participating member