Angling Reports

Her Last Run Out


29 June 2019. On a flat calm, more than an hour after the mornings high, saw Clive Richmond and Martin Cooper readying Clive’s SIB for what may well have been her last launch. The pair who joined us earlier this season, have invested in Seahog Hunter, which though requiring some refurbishment, will hopefully soon be ready for a sea trial.

As the tide fell back, the gentle breeze dropped away and though the pair didn’t venture far in the inflatable, they had a good session fishing down to low water, picking up the usual suspects, including Mackerel, Thorn-back rays and Gurnard (pictured), all within sight of the clubhouse.

Mad as a Hatter


22 June 2019.  First angler afloat and hours before low water was Simon Lee aboard `Mako’, with his sea kayak in tow! Simon wasn’t to fish the match, coming in well after the `back on the beach’ time of 3:30, but tope were the order of the day and the day certainly didn’t disappoint.

Alternating between `Mako’ and his kayak Si boated 10 tope to 42lb. A smaller fish taken in his kayak is pictured

Well fished Si, but why get out of a perfectly decent boat?

Tope Weekender – Day 1


22 June 2019.  Nine boats launched on the mornings flood with high hopes of mackerel followed by a decent days toping. Best laid plans, the mackerel proved patchy and even the dabs kept their heads down for some and not all boats found the tope.

Best fish of the day and winner of the match Kristien Lee aboard his boat `Wahoo’ with a pair of fish like peas in a pod weighing in at 36lb and 38lb.

Well fished Kris.

As if She had Never Been Away


22 June 2019. Day one of the Club’s Tope Weekender, an hour into the flood and after launching a half dozen boats beforehand, Alan Taylor slipped Lil’ Hooker of her trailer for what was to be only her second day afloat this season.

Though it was a Tope match, with Sue aboard they decided to run north, only remembering to stop for a few mackerel as they approached Kris aboard `Wahoo’ and Anthony aboard Sea Eagle who were picking up a few fish off South Pier.

With the sun shining, a few mackerel aboard and some of last season’s softies in the ice box, the pair ran on up to Norbreck, before randomly dropping anchor in 23 feet of water. A crab baited 6lb class rod went over first and it probably took no longer than 3 minutes for a smut of a little over 8lb to pick it up and it was 1-0 to Mrs T.

Unfortunately, the doggies had not lost their appetite for tope baits and plagued, the pair stowed the tope rods, though inevitably given the numbers around Alan managed a pup to a crab bait. It made into a beautiful day.  Almost two years since last they fished together Sue had not lost her touch and ended the tide with 19 Smooth Hound to her credit. All but one weighed in at over 7lb, including four fish between 9lb 7oz and just short of 10lb, one at 10lb 6oz and her best at 12lb 13oz.

Returning to the beach the club’s ski were out in numbers, with families and friends making the most of the BBQ weather.

In on the Action


10 June 2018.  Saw Stuart and Ryan Wilson with their guest for the day Dave Quinn readying `Chilli Pepper’ at the club before slipping her into a calm and rising tide.

Six miles off their day went well and though the Mackerel didn’t present in great numbers bait was not to be a problem. The better Tope turned up in numbers and the trio boated six out of the seven Tope hooked, but unfortunately lost their best fish beside the boat.

Several Thornback, Whiting, Tub Gurnard and many dogfish  featured throughout the day.

Three, Two, One


19 May 2018. Blue skies, flat calm and red hot, perhaps not the best of weather for fishing, but nevertheless too good an opportunity to pass up. Three club boats, `Lunasea’ with John Brearley and guest aboard, `Searay’ with Nick Rosser and Lukasz Brylew and `Lil’ Hooker’ with Alan Taylor and guest Geoff Cross headed out in search of Tope.

All three set out their stall within a few hundred yards of each other. Sport was slow with only the very odd mackerel and herring coming aboard, but feathers bounced on the bottom produced Whiting and Dabs and all three boats landed 30lb plus tope. Three boated on Searay, two on Lunasea (John pictured) and just a single fish for Geoff aboard `Lil Hooker’.


Three Days in May Revisited


5, 6 & 7 May 2018. Settled and hot the forecasters said, yeah we have all heard that one before but come the Bank holiday weekend unbelievably the seven day forecast held true. The club had angling boats out on each of the three perfect weather-wise days and perhaps the only thing we could have wished for were bigger tides and a few decent flatties for the flattie match on the Sunday.

The sea temperature had warmed considerably, big Tope were found in numbers on both Saturday and Sunday. There were also Smooth Hound, Thornback, Huss caught together with many of the usual smaller species including early Mackerel, and the less frequently caught Herring and Greater Sandeel.

Pictured is Tony Green with his best Tope on Monday.

It’s hard to believe that in just six short weeks the club’s anglers have had more opportunities to launch than in the second six months of last year!

They All Count


19 April 2018. With crewman Pete Holland sadly laid up in Blackpool Vic and missing the first launch of 2018 Alan Taylor slipped Lil’Hooker onto the sand as the tide dropped to low. A slight miscalculation as an hour later she had still not floated off, but eventually the tide got going and Alan headed north to look for plaice.

Setting out his stall, with two black baited rods in just 11 feet of water bites came fairly quickly and numerous whiting and dabs came aboard. With a good run on the tide an hours fishing resulted in no sign of a plaice so it was up with the anchor and a move onto some rough ground that can throw up really big smooth hounds on the right day.  Out went crab baits and Alan lay back in the sun to await developments…. Forty five minutes later and nothing, so it was back inshore again with a view to start putting scores on the doors for the `Species Match’.

Looking back at his records four years ago to the day on a similar tide, the same marks produced in addition to the species caught,  decent Cod, Bull-Huss and Smooth Hounds. The most obvious difference was the water temperature, which at 50 degrees on 18 April 2014 was a full 3 degrees higher than it is currently.

Not a brilliant start to the season, but far better than a good day at work.


So Far So Good


10 January 2018. Early morning with a flat calm tide saw Piotr Dyga and crew for the day Lukasz Brylew readying `Blue Marlin’, before the pair headed north or a few hours in search of cod

Anchoring in the Cleveleys area in approximately 30 feet, the small ebb tide had as expected little movement on it and whilst plenty of whiting, dabs and small codling found their baits, the better stamp of cod proved hard to find, but though two better fish were dropped before they reached the net, the pair did manage a few takers.

With two launches in the first 10 days of the year Piotr has high hopes for a better season ahead.

2018, Fingers Crossed


7 January 2018. There was plenty of early morning activity to be seen in the compound as five boats were readied including Lee Thompson’s Sea Hog Hunter with crew for the day club bosun, Lukasz Brylew aboard.

All boats headed north to join a flotilla at anchor with their baits awaiting cod. Though there were plenty of smaller fish to be caught, the better cod eluded the pair though a decent thornback ray did come aboard.

Best cod of the day at around the 5lb mark went to Steve Lee aboard his boat `Taza’.