19 May 2018. Blue skies, flat calm and red hot, perhaps not the best of weather for fishing, but nevertheless too good an opportunity to pass up. Three club boats, `Lunasea’ with John Brearley and guest aboard, `Searay’ with Nick Rosser and Lukasz Brylew and `Lil’ Hooker’ with Alan Taylor and guest Geoff Cross headed out in search of Tope.

All three set out their stall within a few hundred yards of each other. Sport was slow with only the very odd mackerel and herring coming aboard, but feathers bounced on the bottom produced Whiting and Dabs and all three boats landed 30lb plus tope. Three boated on Searay, two on Lunasea (John pictured) and just a single fish for Geoff aboard `Lil Hooker’.